Lay 004 – The fashionable accountant

This story goes back to December 2013. University Semester was done for the year and I was completing an internship at a Law firm. When I was done with work for the day I had a rule: I wasn’t allowed to get on the bus home before 8:00pm. If I had to work past 8pm, the company paid for a taxi home which I would take, but if I finished earlier, I knew there was a bus home at 8:25pm and I told myself I would daygame until then.

Given I was daygaming in a suit, I found the reactions I was getting from corporate girls in their late 20’s was better than when I was just dressed casually and looked like a university student.

One Thursday night after work around 7pm I was looping around Martin Place when I spotted a girl walking down Pitt St, dolled up on her way to dinner. Her background was Chinese but had spent the last 10 or so years in Australia, and she was an accountant. She was wearing big heels, sparkly dress, long fake nails and had dyed light brown long hair. I teased her that it wasn’t legal for accountants to look cute and have good fashion sense. She was 27 and assumed I was working full time, as opposed to being a uni student (she was quite shocked when she later found out that I was still at uni).

For our first date she picked me up in her fancy car and suggested we head to the Eastern Suburbs to her favourite Dessert place (kinda far from where we met up in the North but I didn’t mind a ride in a nice car). It was a fun date but I didn’t escalate too much (didn’t see the point since I didn’t have logistics). She also paid the bill – this girl liked to splash her cash 😉

For our second date we went to a bar that also doubled as a tenpin bowling venue. She told me she was a gun at bowling and was pretty confident that she’d win. I also played dumb and told her I was a novice (I played every few months or so). But also, and unbeknownst to her, years of playing tennis and cricket growing up meant I had a very steady arm which was quite handy when it came to tenpin bowling. I told her if she was so confident she was going to win then I was going to kiss her if she didn’t. Long story short I slaughtered her (scored around 180 from memory, which ain’t bad for a casual) but she backed away when I went for the kiss. We had another couple of drink then took the lift back down to the ground floor. In the lift we were alone and she gave me that wide eyed doggy look, so being the horny boy I was, I picked her up, wrapped her legs around my waist and starting making out with her.

A few weeks passed before our next date (it was New Years and I went away to Hong Kong, where Lay 003 happened). Once I was back we arranged a date to go for a walk nearby her place. My plan was a success – she invited me back to hers afterwards and it was fairly straight forward. She was very petite and she loved when we got into her bedroom and I picked her up and threw her on the bed. She also loved doing it in her lingerie and heels which thought was pretty cool too.

After we were done she asked “so what are we?” I told her that in August I was leaving Australia to do my final semester of university abroad so I didn’t want to be in a serious relationship for 6 months and then do long distance. I told her I thought she was cool so I’d like to keep seeing her and turns out she was cool to keep seeing each other casually. Surprisingly it worked pretty well – I’d go to her place once or twice a month til mid year and she never pressed me to get more serious. My first regular 🙂

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