Lay 003 – The American Fashion Model

It was December 2013 and university had wrapped up for the year. A few of my mates had graduated and had planned a 6 week jaunt around Asia. I had just finished my penultimate year and had a corporate internship lined up for the summer holidays, so unfortunately I could only join them for the final week of the trip over New Years, which happened to be in Hong Kong.

We found ourselves out one night in Lan Kwai Fong approaching girls left right and centre on the street before they all dispersed into bars and clubs. I think it was about midnight when we queued up to get into a high end club. We’d been stuck in the same spot in line for about 15 minutes and it looked like it wasn’t moving anywhere. We ended up having a drunken debate about whether we should stay or try somewhere else. I wasn’t keen to hang around since it was killing my vibe, but a couple of my mates really wanted to check the place out.

I decided to go for a quick walk to get some fresh air before re-joining them in the queue. A couple of minutes later I found myself walking past The China Bar (the bar where I met the girl whom I lost my virginity to two years earlier) and I saw this tall gorgeous blonde girl striding past – kinda reminiscent of Taylor Swift. Dressed up and ready to party.

Surely this was a good omen. I doubled back around as she walked past and did my usual front on approach. She was walking at a rapid pace and I thought it might be an insta blowout. To my surprise, she stopped dead in her tracks and instantly hooked once I gave her a direct compliment.

She was a 19 year old model from Minnesota. After finishing her freshman year of college she decided to take a gap year and try to make it internationally in modelling. She’d already been featured on some fashion runways and magazine covers – a genuine 9 and one of the hottest (maybe the hottest) girls I’d stopped in my life.

It turns out that she lived in an apartment with two other models who had a VIP table at one of the fancy clubs. She had spent all day at a photo shoot or something and didn’t really fancy a big night out, but her roommates had persuaded her to come along to the club. She said she was starving as she hadn’t even had time to get dinner once she got home – a perfect excuse for an instant bounce, I figured.

So I took her for a romantic dinner… around the corner to a 7-Eleven where we shared a $5 sandwich and 2 sugary vodka drinks. On a side note, there are a couple of 7-Eleven’s in Lan Kwai Fong which have affectionately become known as “Club 7-Eleven”. Essentially, the drinks are so expensive in the bars and clubs, so all the young people buy their beers and vodka mixes at 7-Eleven and just drink outside in the streets before hitting the clubs- it creates for an insane atmosphere which is ripe for night street game.

We found a nice quiet set of steps a few streets away where we could enjoy our gourmet cheese and tomato sandwich and get to know each other a bit better. As a 19 year old girl from a small town, she found the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong quite intimidating. She was used to rich older guys offering to take her to all the best restaurants in town, so somehow she found it endearing and a refreshing change to be sharing a sandwich and vodka cruiser with a poor uni student on a dirty set of old steps.

I can’t say there was too much fancy game involved from that point. She wasn’t keen for a big night out, and my vibe was already on point from all the earlier sets I’d done and fair few drinks I had.

When we finished our food and drinks, she mentioned she was feeling tired so I picked her up and sat her on my lap. I went in for the kiss and she enthusiastically kissed me back. I suggested a quiet “afterparty” at my place and she liked that idea a lot better than a drunken night of clubbing with her roommates.

On the taxi ride back to mine I was pinching myself. After getting blown out by a myriad of 6’s, 7’s and 8’s over the past year with not much success, here was a cat-walk model in a taxi with me back to my apartment whom I had met only 45 minutes earlier. Just one of those times when the daygame gods smile on you I suppose (and also having great logistics for once instead of living in suburbia with parents which was the case back in Sydney).

We got back to mine and went straight into the bedroom and continued making out. I made sure to keep the lights off, because there was a bit of dried period blood on the bed from a girl my buddy had banged a few nights earlier (I lost count of how many girls he slept with that week. It was nearly one a day, including two from back to back dates in one night).

As we were fooling around she said to me “just so you know.. I’m not a virgin, but I’m pretty new to this”. I guess from the confidence of my approach, she figured I’d been with a lot more than 2 girls, but I wasn’t going to let her know that πŸ˜‰

Moments later however, she may have realised I was just as inexperienced as her. I was on top of her and went to take my jeans off, but I was so nervous that my hands and arms were literally shaking – I couldn’t even get my fly or the belt buckle undone!

She had a little giggle, before rolling on top and pulling the jeans off for me. It was the first time I’d had sex that didn’t feel awkward and clumsy, and on top of that my ego was jumping for joy at bedding such a hottie.

As we were going at it, my phone started ringing. I told her it was one of my mates checking up on me and I’d call him back later, but she had other ideas. She answered the phone much to my mate’s (and my) surprise and said something along the lines of “hey we’re kind of in the middle of something, can he call you back when we’re done?” and then immediately hung up. I started cracking up with laughter – you gotta admire that American college spirit πŸ˜‰

We had a bit of post chat sex and cuddles and she told me that one of the reasons she liked me was that I reminded her of home. I was leaving back to Sydney in a few days and suggested we could meet up again before I left. She said she liked the sound of that and told me to add her on Facebook. Turns out she didn’t accept the friend request or respond to my message the next day. I felt a bit bummed out – perhaps it was karma for ghosting the two previous girls I’d slept with/3rd base in Sydney, oh well πŸ˜‰

Still to this day, she was the hottest girl I’ve slept with (in my opinion). I’d say there have been a dozen or so other girls that were 8’s or 8.5’s, but this would be the only 9. But I’ve still got a few good years left in me so hopefully there’s more to cum πŸ˜‰

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