Introducing a Lebanese virgin to 3rd base

It had been a hot minute since Miss taro cakes had played with my piano. I kinda figured after 1 daygame lay it would be all easy going from there – how wrong I was! Logistics was killing me. If a girl wasn’t free on a Monday or Thursday daytime, my parent’s place was a no go. I was also struggling to find girls who had their own place. The only other options was one of my parents cars (although to this day I never did do the deed in one of them).

But inspite of the lack of lays, I was focussing on the smaller successes with daygame. Approaching hot girls and going on dates (to nowhere) still felt like victories and I could feel myself improving. On a few occasions I had discovered “god mode” – those days where you go out and after a couple of approaches you feel invincible. No situation becomes too hard to approach, and even before you even go in you just have this supreme confidence that it is going to go well. I can remember one particular occasion out with my buddy at another university and I had found god mode. This blonde 9 was on the phone, rushing past on the way to the train station. I stopped her dead in her in tracks, got her to hang up the phone and got her number. My buddy was wetting himself – he’d never seen me on fire like this (to be fair neither had I probably). To this day we still giggle about that day – and I did go on a date with that girl but it fizzled out.

My daygame is a lot more consistent these days. Far less sessions where I am rubbish, but on the flip side, it’s very rare to reach that euphoric feeling of being unstoppable the streets. It’s like a drug, I’ve had so many hits (approaches) that the only way to get a proper high is with an extra strong dose (a same day lay for example). So to all you new daygamers – cherish those early days! The days of feeling on top of the world from just a number close are limited I warn ya 😉

Onto today’s walk down memory lane. It was spring 2013 and I was off at another university campus doing some solo hustling. I spotted this girl with dark hair and great curves. Her background was Lebanese (but grew up in Sydney) and she was a pharmacy student. She had had a very conservative upbringing – her parents were strict Muslims and she rarely drank and never partied.

We had a coffee date a week later at her uni and I could tell she liked me. As an introvert, one of my natural strengths in game has always been that I feel very comfortable leaving long pauses and silences on a date – which is a great way to build sexual tension. A lot of extroverts have an advantage on the street at first since they are better at vibing and keeping the conversation going, but they have a habit of killing sexual tension on a date by talking too much. The silences were working a trick with this girl, she was giggling nervously and struggling to hold eye contact.

A week later I picked her up from the city and drove her back to my parents place (I can’t remember if I had a good excuse to invite her over, or whether she just got in the car and I was like “lets go!”).

On our first date she had told me she had one ex boyfriend. She had confessed to me that in their 2 years of dating the furthest they’d gone was “kissing in his car”. At that point I must admit I was in 2 minds about how far I was planning on pushing things. But once I got her into my room we started kissing and the clothes came off. At one point my brother stopped by the house and she froze like a dear in the headlights. Thankfully he just picked something up and left soon after. Once I had her clothes off I went go down on her. She was a little bit freaked out but very excited. But she told me not to put my fingers inside her because her hymen was still intact (at that point I had decided I wasn’t going to push for the lay).

After giving her a bit of tongue action down there I suggested she return the favour, she warned me she had “no idea what I’m doing” but nevertheless she did her best to suck me off. I can imagine after after going no further than kissing in a 2 year relationship, giving a guy a blowjob on a second date was kind of a big deal.

We left mine in the mid afternoon for something to eat. We went to the local shops and had kebabs (she insisted on paying). I drove her back to the city and dropped her off. I had no intention of seeing her again – perhaps a more experienced seducer would have taken her virginity but for me I knew she saw me as a boyfriend and she may have well been serious about keeping her virginity til marriage. So I took the third base as a win and moved on.

The next week wasn’t pretty – she was messaging me everyday and I was ghosting her. Eventually she got fed up and sent me a pissed off message to the effect of “you’re just a fuckboi and want to get with party sluts like every other guy”. Well… duh!

But I must admit I did feel a bit guilty about this girl and taro cakes – how they had both seen me as a boyfriends, partly because they were both pretty conservative, but also in part I’m sure because I was daygaming and dating in boyfriend mode. So that was certainly a turning point where I realised going forward I had to give off a bit more of the lover/fuckboi vibe.

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