Lay 002 – Tears and taro cakes

2012 was my first real year of daygame (after my little taster at the end of 2011). The main training ground was university campuses. On the days I had class, I’d do some sets at my university, and on days off I’d head to a couple of different unis and practice there. Around the middle of the year me and my mates felt a bit braver and ventured out into the Sydney CBD for the first to try our hand at city daygame. It was exciting to be hitting on corporate girls and tourists and expanding our comfort zones.

I was getting competent at daygame and getting more experience going on dates, but my conversion from date to lay was essentially zero for 6 months. I was still living at home in the middle of suburbia and just getting stuck in 1st date and 2nd date hell with no plan for how to get laid. The other sticking point was Solo daygame. The first few times I tried solo I did the classic walk-around-for-3-hours-and-talk-to-no-one that I’m sure most daygamers experienced in their early days.

The second half of the year proved slightly more successful. On one occasion I met a girl from Bali in a club (in Sydney), only for her to take me to her 1 room apartment where there was at least 6 people (3 bunk beds) crammed in there. She thought I was crazy fingering her under the sheets on one of the bottom bunks while 5 other people were sleeping in the room but was a funny experience nonetheless.

Eventually I pushed through the fear of Solo daygame. There’s really no secret. One day you just manage to do your first solo approach, and from there you have reference experience and you slowly improve.

One of my most memorable early solo daygame experiences was as follows. I was at my university, saw this stunning blonde walking past very quickly, and I did a great front stop. I was on fire that day and got the number, although she was a bit reluctant on giving the number. Nothing new so far. There was a group of jacked guys sitting on the grass 10 meters away sipping on protein shakes. After I got the number and she walked off, they just stood up and started applauding. I didn’t know what to do, so I just figured I’d bathe in the male validation. So I bowed and walked off, performance complete ๐Ÿ™‚ That girl flaked btw, she mentioned she had a boyfriend but she didn’t have the balls to turn me down on the spot. I didn’t really care to be honest, my ego was on a high from the standing ovation i had received earlier (thankfully I soon realised the point of daygame is to get laid and not impress other men).

Anyways onto the lay report. On one sunny September afternoon I was at a different university campus. I felt like my daygame was better at the other universities because I didn’t feel the spot light affect of bumping into people I knew (or at least less often).

I spotted this tall slender Asian girl with big sunglasses strolling very slowly along. It was an easy approach. She was 23 and a masters student. She was very shy, but hooked pretty easily. We met a week later for coffee at her uni and just vibed. The following week, she was came to my university campus to meet one of her friends, and I met up with her afterwards.

She had made some taro cakes for her friend – there was a few left over so it was just coffee and taro cakes on the lawn. We were lying down just enjoying the sun afterwards, and the only move that came to mind was to roll on top of her and kiss her. Kind of clumsy, but it worked. She mentioned she was learning piano, so I told her that next week she could come over for “piano lessons”. I played piano for 10+ years and we had one at my parents place so at least it was plausible ๐Ÿ˜‰

I invited her over the following Thursday (when both my strict christian conservative parents were at work). We skipped the piano lesson and went straight to my room. I was definitely very guilty of dating in “boyfriend” mode (understandable given I was a noob in my early twenties), so there was actually very little hesitancy on her part since she thought it might transition into something more. I probably should have seen the warning signs – she had mentioned that some French guy approached her the week before and asked for her phone number, which she had declined because she was “seeing someone”.

The sex was still pretty shit. We were both each other’s 2nd notch, and she lay there a bit like a star fish while I struggled to find were to put in in. Eventually we got there though ๐Ÿ˜‰

That night there was a huge Oktoberfest party at my university – it used to draw in students from unis all over Sydney. After I dropped her at the station I drove to uni and met up with my friends to share the good news. That night was my first real feeling of being a “player” – having sex with one girl in the afternoon and then heading out that same night to a party and making out with other chicks – certainly a great boost for the ego.

I kind of went silent on her after that, but we did meet up a few weeks later at my university. She was pretty clingy and a bit confused why I was so distant. I told her in a very uncalibrated way that I didn’t want to be her boyfriend and that we should just be “friends with shing” (friends with sex was the rough mandarin translation I was going for). That didn’t go down to well and she ended up getting a bit teary. At this point we were sitting outside on the grass and I remember some European exchange student walking past and he started playing the air violin and yelled “A sad song for the sad couple!” I couldn’t help but laugh.

I actually managed to talk her into the friends with benefits thing (or so I thought). She came over to my parents place again a few days later and we were fooling around naked on the bed. She got on top and was about to put my dick and at which point she revealed her plan..

“We can keep having sex….but only IF you’re my boyfriend”.

That sneaky minx! I thought about just saying yes for the sex, but my guilty conscience got the better of me and told her that was a no-can-do (and blue balled myself). I drove her to the station and we said our final goodbye and she wished my good luck on finding another “friend with shing”. My first daygame lay in the bag!

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