Lay 001 – The wandering hands

With ~10 daygame approaches under my belt (and a lot of enthusiasm) I arrived in Hong Kong with my buddy on what was my first overseas trip. His background was from HK, so he showed me around for the first few days and we did all the touristy stuff, the sights, the sounds and the food. But I’d be lying if I said that sharpening our pick up skills wasn’t the #1 priority.

From my limited time there (I’ve done a few short trips in HK) it’s an incredible daygame city if you’re into Asian girls. A lot of people in a small landmass means the malls, the subway stations, the streets and the bars district are always packed. There’s also plenty of tourists and expats there which give it a very international feel. With the history of British colonisation, a lot of young people have a somewhat western mindset when it comes to partying hard, meeting people from abroad and having a less conservative mindset towards dating/sex compared to mainland China.

As we went about our days seeing the sights, we’d be pushing each other into sets. I was getting numbers, but was a bit clueless when it came to texting and going for date requests. My buddy who seemed to be a faster learner when it came to daygame and dating was lining up dates left right and centre however.

When the sun goes down, the nightlife scene around the bar and club area Lan Kwai Fong is perfect for night street game. It’s a compact rectangular area lined with bars, and plenty of people are having their drinks on the street or walking to their bar of choice. It’s so easy to approach people and because it’s so transient and busy sets were abundant. On a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night you can grab some cheap drinks from 7/11 and do night street game from 10-12am, at which point your tipsy and all warmed up and ready to hit the clubs.

I remember it was a Thursday night (we’d probably been there for a week) and I was starting to get a bit down because I’d been doing a lot of approaches but had no dates. My buddy had gotten laid the night before from a daygame girl (and gotten a blow job from another girl), and I was beginning to wonder if perhaps I just didn’t have the knack for this. That night my buddy had another date, so the plan was I’d go out and do a few solo approaches and we’d meet up once his date was done and hit the bars and club.

I got to Lan Kwai Fong around 10pm and bumped into a German guy who we’d met a few nights earlier. He’d seen us doing daygame in Lan Kwai Fong and was amazed by it so came and said hi. He was like us – not much experience but a lot of enthusiasm. Seeing him boosted my energy and we started doing a few street approaches. After a couple of approaches I spotted a really cute girl and she hooked fairly easily. It ended up being a 15 minute set whom I number closed and we made out on the street – another first for me and it was an awesome feeling. In hindsight that girl was definitely on and I could have gotten her out on a date in the coming nights, but I was so disorganised and lacked a plan with my texting that it faded out into chit chat in the coming days.

But nevertheless, I’d done a few approaches, got a number and kissed a girl. I was feeling ON. I’d lost my German buddy so I wandered into a bar with a live pop rock ban playing. There was a small dancefloor at the front and I spotted a cute girl in a tight red dress and went in without a moment’s hesitation. We danced for a bit and I bounced her outside for the make out. Again in hindsight, I probably should have just bounced her to another bar and then gone for the bounce home, but in my youthful inexperience I pushed too quickly and she wasn’t keen (it was probably only 11pm so to early for the pull usually) so we exchanged numbers and she scurried off (she didn’t respond to my texts).

But my state was now 11/10. I felt like Superman. I went into another bar called China Bar (a bar but with a decent sized dancefloor and clubbing tunes when it gets late). I spotted a table of 6 people (3 guys 3 girls) and without any hesitation just went up and opened the set. I can count on 1 hand how many times I’ve solo opened a mixed group set like that in my entire life. But that’s why youthful exuberance with game is such a powerful (and fleeting) thing.

2 of the guys at the table were quite tall, and I just started teasing that I’d seen them on the news and I recognised them as professional basketball players in Hong Kong. I have no idea where I pulled this shit from but I was just feeling it. Once I had the guys onside, I motioned to the closest girl on the outside of the table (they were seated in a semicircle) to come dance with me. She was cute, but truth be told there was a hotter girl in a blue dress in the middle of the table (sandwiched between everyone) and I think I took the easy route of getting the girl on the edge of the table so everyone else didn’t have to get up.

She was a bit nervous, but her guy friends were cheering me on at this point so she ended up coming with me to the dancefloor. From there I was doing standard dancefloor game of getting in close, put her hands on my shoulders and mine around her waist. I could tell she was a little bit shy so I didn’t try to go for the kiss too quickly – we just danced and enjoyed the music.

Then, a gift from the heavens was bestowed on me. The hottest friend from the table approached us on the dancefloor. She tapped her friend on the shoulder, they had a quick chat in Cantonese and all of a sudden the cute friend disappeared and I was dancing with the hottie. Pre-selection at its finest! Before I had even comprehended how I had managed to upgrade girls, the hottie had put her hands under my shirt and all over my sweaty back. I may have still been a newbie but I knew a green light when I saw one, and we were making out seconds later.

We danced and made out for 10-15 minutes or so and I bounced her outside for a bit of chit chat. I suggested we go back to mine for a drink but she said she already had too much to drink that night. I smiled and said “that’s ok I have water” at which point she giggled and said “ok let me go get my coat from the table”. I figured I better go with her just in case there was any cockblocking from her friends. I saw the look of surprise on their faces when she said she was leaving with me, so I quickly jumped in and promised them I was harmless (probably with the cheesiest grin on my face). They didn’t object and off we went.

We got in a taxi back to mine and were fooling around in the backseat. I was too deep in my drinks that I forget how to get back to the apartment. So we ended up getting out of the taxi too early and stumbling around for 15 minutes before we found the apartment complex. Normally to get into the building you had to enter the security code (god knows if I was sober enough to remember it), but the old guy behind the desk recognised me on the security camera even before I got to the door and buzzed it open for us – it opened before us like I was a VIP.

I was planning on saying hello to him as we walked past to the lift, but I think he was so concerned about not cockblocking/getting in my way that he was completely slouched back in his chair below the level of the desk, with his newspaper covering his face so he couldn’t be easily seen – some quality wingmanship!

We went upstairs and there was no hesitancy, just a solid hour of awkward clumsy sex. I didn’t tell her I was a virgin but i wonder if she could tell given that I didn’t know what I was doing.

While we were going at it, my phone was going off non stop (she kept saying to me “Why are you so popular?”). My buddy’s date had finished, and I had the only key to the apartment! We had made the mistake the night before of him taking the key on his date, which meant I was locked out in the rain til 1:30am until he was finished doing the deed! So I got a little bit of payback 24 hours later, but my buddy certainly didn’t mind 🙂

After she had gone, I phoned my buddy and he was astonished to hear about my night. We met up and found a 24 hour McDonald’s to have a celebratory meal and I filled him in on the details. The next morning as we left the apartment, we got out of the lift in the foyer and the old guy behind the desk sprung up like a jack in the box. “Wowow very nice girl last night! Very nice!” he said in his broken english with a big smile on his face.

It had taken me to the ripe old age of 20, but I’d finally lost my virginity. God bless Hong Kong!

(Funnily enough, this remains my only nightgame lay to this day. I’ve had a few night street game lays, but these are still daygame in my opinion because they were approaches not inside the bar or club. I’ve wondered why this is – certainly my biggest clubbing years were while I was in university and still living with my parents so logistics probably has a lot to do with it. In recent years I’ve only occasionally gone clubbing and normally at the bars I’m out with non game friends so I don’t approach much. But still on those odd occasions of nightgame I’ve never managed to pull. Perhaps it’s fitting this this was my first and last!)

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